Our Pre-marinated chicken, beef or eggplant require you to do NOTHING. Throw it on the grill or in oven & SAVOR

All our chicken is no hormones, no GMO’s & all vegetarian diet. Prices on order page.

Signature Malai Chicken

13 spices

Hariyali Chicken

Jalapeno + Cardamom + Green Chile

Tamatar Chicken

Tomato + Ginger + Red Chile

Masala Chicken

Our house favorite

Achari Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken thigh + fennel+ mustard+ chickpea flour

Beef kebab

ground lean beef + fennel+green chili

Indian eggplant

hummus + red onion + spices

USDA Prime NY Strip Loin

custom cut prime ny steak + rosemary garlic seasoned butter

Jumbo Masala Chicken Tenders

5 tenders + creamy coconut chutney

Chicken Kebabs

3 chicken kebabs + chicken breast + onions + mushrooms + signature mint chutney

Maa di Daal

mother of all lentils

Jeera Rice

basmati rice+caramelized onions+cumin seeds+ whole spices

Pickled Red Onions

coriander seeds + bay leaves +chili powder

Maa De Aloo

yukon potatoes + tomato + onions + spices